Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Elk Committee Makes a Mockery of Democracy Part 1

Oh, dear GAWD.

So, things went well last night. We all managed to get wet-brained, walk to a hookah bar, and get into a cab with a couple of Army fellows who took us to a part of the city we had no idea where and then promptly abandoned us when they realized what they had gotten themselves into.

Just so you know, I'm the glue that's holding this shit show things are bad.

Just so you further know, the hookah is filled with a peach flavored wafer of God knows what but we know for a fact it wasn't weed. So, that wasn't the problem.

Actually Ross was the problem. No check that, Stephanie was.

Here's what I learned last night. No one here cares about us. We were loud, we were friendly, and nobody cared. Except these guys.

Zeb Impersonators

Here's another classic shot of the night. We were the only white people in this place but as you can see, they made us feel welcome.

We walked probably five miles, got lost, and took a cab home. We were three blocks away. I had the cabbie stop so I could get groceries- toilet paper and water. Pizza. Put these jokers to bed and stayed up all night watching TV and drinking wine.

I have nothing left. But I am dressed and herding everyone to the rally. Amish Abe looks spectacular with a hangover. More picture to follow, Cadets...more picture to follow.

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  1. OMG!!! It was all just as I imagined it would be!! AND...Those three guys do look like ZEB! I thought that before I read what was written bellow the pic! Most excellent reporting! I dub Mrs. Martha Sarah Stuart Sunshine, to most definitely be, the glue that holds ALL the shit shows together!! Much Luvs from the other Washington....:)